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Graphic design is really at the heart of everything we do at Screen Porch Studio. This visual sensibility forms the basic layout of any other product, be it a brochure, website, or even architectural signage. We enjoy the basic challenge that comes with every project, discovering what the client wants to convey and in what form. The broad spectrum of possibilities is what makes the work enjoyable and builds a strong relationship, both between us and the client, and between the client and their audience. From corporate communications, to restaurant menus, to whimsical postcards – we are always open to a new experience.


Project Portfolio

This report cover is a custom design in a series of small projects for this client. Leading up to a new product launch the client sought a cover that fit within their brand while providing each of their clients the space for participant information.



Logo design gives an opportunity for an organization to show its personality, like this example for Andrea Segars Photography. The client wanted “something simple, fun, and whimsical” to give potential customers a sense of her business and style. Andrea said, “I have always loved Carousel horses, so I want to incorporate that into my logo” and the design grew from there.



Work on the Damariscotta Pumpkinfest & Regatta™ website also involved graphic design to refresh their logo for the web, add a banner to highlight when main events happen, and provide a 10th anniversary logo.Logo-Refresh

Screen Porch Studio uses a three-step process that starts with hand sketching and finishes with a production ready digital logo design. Here are some examples of phase one development of a product logo.



This custom designed book binding shows what a little bit of investment in good design can do to strengthen your brand identity. The logo and title will be centered on the spine while the web address will wrap to the front cover.


Another graphic art form is map design. Creating useful maps for finding routes and destinations takes a great amount of concentration on the goal of the piece. Typically this is a process that pares down information to provide a manageable amount of data that an average person can process to help guide them.



Business cards are still a necessity even in the digital world of today. For our own business cards at Screen Porch Studio we use both sides of the card to give a dynamic representation of graphic design at work. The back incorporates a QR code that contains the contact information, so any smartphone can scan the code and automatically import the contact card into its address book. These codes can also contain a variety of other information a company may want to convey.

SPS Business Card

Project cutsheets convey key information to potential clients and the public. These examples show how a simple form, engaging images, and interesting writing can grab a viewers attention so the piece may then inform the reader.


Designing presentations to get the important points across while being visually pleasing can be a challenge, but one we at Screen Porch Studio are always up for. Experience in both designing presentations and giving them to large audiences helps us sift the information until only the salient points remain. This allows the onscreen visuals to reinforce the spoken message, instead of overwhelm and confuse the viewers.


Informing potential customers about your products means understanding who they are and what they expect. This client needed a series of white papers to provide their worldwide network of consultants with a range of possible product options.

As part of the Management Research Group Resource Center website project, Screen Porch Studio also took on the task of assuring branding continuity and content relevancy. This involved reviewing and evaluating hundreds of documents and updating many of them to have a similar look and feel, along with organizing all of the collateral documents to be stored on the site so they are available to MRG’s network members as downloadable files.



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