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Portfolio Website ▪︎ Adam Troidl, LEED® AP

At Screen Porch Studio our Creative Director has a deep background in the art of visual communication. From graphic pieces to architectural designs, video and audio productions – Adam has created a variety of media distributed in diverse formats to audiences both broad and targeted.

Adam’s decision to strike an independent course in mid-2014 evolved into the creation of Screen Porch Studio to begin 2015. His passion to return to a more creative path is strengthened by years of experience in environments where exposure to management, finance, public relations, and many other business aspects built a foundation for a successful new venture. For a full understanding of the capabilities of Screen Porch Studio please read on as well as explore the rest of the pages in the About menu. For an explanation of our services please explore the menu above and be sure to click on the News feed for the latest information.

Buffalo skylineAdam’s design journey prior to founding Screen Porch Studio began in Buffalo, New York where he grew up through the famous snowy winters. With a Bachelor of Arts in Communications Adam set out on his career path with a beginning in television. At the Empire Sports Network in the Buffalo, New York area he created content for the regional sports network, covering subjects such as the National Hockey League and National Football League. This design and production role included designing digital graphics and editing video & audio to create dynamic programming for broadcast to a 1+ million-viewer market. Adam wrote scripts, researched stories, and collaborated with on-air talent to produce compelling television. Mastering the technical aspects of production in the studio and in the field brought an understanding of audio, video, and lighting that heightened a spatial awareness for Adam that was always present under the surface. This awareness, combined with a lifelong interest in the built environment, led Adam into the field of architecture for the next phase of his career. At Architectural Resources in Buffalo, New York he took on increasing responsibilities that eventually included architectural design, marketing work, and project management. During this period Adam thrived in the diverse aspects of a small business, starting at the firm when it still had fewer than 20 employees. In a marketing role this included creating winning proposals and general promotion of the firm. Graphic design, project cutsheet creation, and proposals combined aesthetics with persuasive writing to enlighten potential clients. On the architectural design and project management side there was always a new challenge to be overcome while nurturing existing client relationships or forging new ones. Solving design problems and collaborating with clients and consultants continued to expand Adam’s skills and abilities. The freedom of pure design met with the functional needs of the clients program and the technical rigor of constructibility to create an environment where Adam could use his unique skill set to find the key intersections of all factors and coordinate with all project participants to result in beautiful, functional, and cost effective projects.

As 2009 began, Adam and his wife were inspired to follow their hearts and relocate to Maine. Professionally this found Adam at Bath Iron Works, a famous Maine shipyard that in the late-20th and early-21st centuries primarily builds destroyers for the United States Navy. This invigorating new design challenge in an industrial environment working under government contracts allowed Adam an even deeper look into 3D design and coordination, technologies that were just coming to architecture in the previous few years. In a short time Adam progressed to being on a ship-wide design control review team and preparing presentations for the Navy. At this point the opportunity to pursue a new opportunity on a once-in-a-lifetime project presented itself. Adam left BIW and joined the New Regional Hospital team at MaineGeneral Medical Center as Construction Manager. The chance to participate in the design and construction of the largest green building ever built in Maine, and one of the largest construction projects overall, was too great an opportunity to pass up. This position included oversight of the design process and a high level of participatioNRH-ACH for webn due to the innovative delivery method of the project. Using Integrated Project Delivery Adam worked in a colocation environment with all other member companies of the design and construction team. Having a hand in guiding design while being active in all aspects of project management proved very rewarding. The great success of the project will always be a sentinel achievement.

With the completion of the New Regional Hospital it was time for Adam to reflect on his progress and achievements. The combined experiences of an early life in the professional realm gave Adam confidence that a more independent course would be rewarding and productive. In mid-2014 Adam began a new journey which continues to the present day with Screen Porch Studio.


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